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Related article: Date: Mon, 6 March 1, 2011 40th 41 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 2 to n Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 2 ( recast) broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. will be someone named John in the story, and is determined to be written that way: D ********** *** ************** looking At You - Chapter 2 ********************* ***** * [Tyler ] was fun to chat with friends of Mark. Everyone was so nice to me and very n understanding everything that was happening. Not many questions , but they make me feel like part of the group. I grateful, even though Jeff gave me goosebumps. He stared at me as if if I have a third eye or something, and when he closed his eyes and smiled. I was very impressed by this kind of attitude to be confused, so I just shrugged n and stopped to chat with them. " So how old are you ? " Bride Jenni, Mark asked. " I have 14 years. " I said, a little proud. They all laugh break, and I looked down and blushed. "He's the cutest thing evee and so young. You 'll break hearts to the school. " Said Jane cheerfully. " There are only two years older than me. " Pouted I turned and pony. " OMG! Only to watch it. I want to kiss him. " Says Jane pinch my cheeks. " Hmm. The only person that should give you a kiss, I do. " Doug said in his deep of voice is angry. Everybody does, including me, laughing. " You will never be as cute as the little guy, Doug. " Sat TomIdentification winks at me. I cringed and blushed when I adjusted my glasses. " Hey, we have to come for a nickname for you. " Jeff said with enthusiasm. " Hmm, well, Jeff. How sweet cheeks ? " Mark said, laughing. " Marky're so stupid !" I said, slapping his arm. " OMG! Not even swear. How sweet is that? He called Marky ! " Jenni said table and flush laugh Mark. " Yes, but he is the only one who can call me, I know he 's my little brother, the little baby of the family. " He said, squeezing my cheeks. "That's it little baby ! This can be your nickname. " Said Tom, smiling time great. " Yeah!" Jeff just said. "This is so sweet! " Said Jane, kisses on the cheek, like Doug, cleared his throat, once again makes us laugh. We talked about how coffee came. We started to drink and a chat more, and I was, most of the time, my phone when n chatted with some of my old friends back in London. I covered my pony the front, while I watched, and Isaid over and over again. " Hey, look, Ben left the karaoke machine ! " Said Jane with emotion. " Yes, go ahead. Sing You're so good at it, Jane," said Doug excited. " Not as good as my brother here," said Mark bluff, I blushed and type faster on my phone. " He can sing? " Jeff asked cheerfully. " He is amazing! Sings perfectly, as if we were to listen to an angel. " Mark said, smiling. ", sing ! " Jane was happy. "I would love to see my competition when it s true that you can sing. " She said bravely. " I can not. I 'm sorry. " I said sadly. " Pray for us. " Tom said, a puppy dog ​​face at me and blowing a kiss in which I blushed. "Only when Jane goes first," he said with a sigh of defeat. " OK!" Jane said when she got up and walked to the stage at the cafe in the store. She spoke with Ben, the owner of the cafe, and headed to the stage of. " Well, people, welcome to the Café de Ben. I hope you enjoy, and as usual, Jane is here to sing something that we are in abetter mood. " He s, said walking off stage. Jane was on stage, the machine began to play, and teleprompter in front of her was the letter. She spoke into the microphone. " Doug is my friend sexy. "She said, laughing, blushing what Doug took the microphone and started singing everything from Michael Bublé. It impressive. His voice was so pure and perfect, and their appearance was the song is even better. Everyone applauded when he took the stage and made his way a our table. " your turn, my love. " She said when she sat down. " Really? " I said, frowning. " Yes, go, now. Preteen Galleries "Mark took me. N I went with the head down and put Preteen Galleries my phone in my pocket. I went to Ben and called the song. Nodded, and walked to the stage of people s looking cases. Mark and the guys Simlinger WIDE. was standing in front of the stage and adjusted the microphone to my height. vi ot people and felt the thrill of I trust that fills the stage. I the whole world looked and spoke. "This song is for my mother. She died recently, and she was the one I saw when I needed a pick me now what I need and I know I can or his opinion. " I said, when the music started and fill my body very fascinating and control over me. When I listen to the sky now I 'm not a lost cause after that s all The winter storms have darkened and my sun n As with WHO on earth I can communicate ? I'm glad, I hope you went to all my power in you, which can be strong that I love you, I look at you And when melodies in which I listen to a song I hope you If breathing to lose no fight left, sinking to rise no more searching for the open house And every street that I I also regret that includes Led do not know if I to do anything but lift his head I'm glad, I hope you went to all my power in you, which can be s strong, I love you, I look at you And when melodies that has gone intoI hear a song I hope you My levees have broken the walls of my coming to me the rain falls calls Defeated, I need to set me free Take me away from the No need to fight me Shine on I'm waiting for - Whitney Houston. that ended with a heartfelt cry at the end. Tears ran the face, and I was staring at the ceiling, feeling the presence of my mother for me, I love, hugs me and gives me the pick me up. I sighed and looked to the public, and I had not realized they were standing, applauding strong and looked at me. Some whistled and shouted, but most of the cried. I know I'm singing well, but I did not expect reaction. " Thank you for your attention. " I said into the microphone and addressed through stairways. The tears were unstoppable. It was almost gone, and I was not softer. I felt relaxed. " That was good. " Jane said as she looked at me as I sat down. "Thank you. They were also great. " I smiled gently. " Yes, butthat was... DAMN! "Doug said with wide eyes. " It was perfect. "Jeff said softly and looked at me. " More than perfect, "said Tom, looking into her eyes. " I know. I'm saying. "Mark said, ruffling his hair. " Thanks guys, "I said looking down again. " No, thanks. "Jenni said. She was drenched in tears. " Why? " I asked gently. " My mother died two months ago. It was getting rough and difficult through, but the song was clear to me that never leave. This message sent to the audience was very nice. Thank you, I feel as if finally ended the duel. "She said that when she looked into my eyes with a pretty smile of her pretty face brunette. " Sorry for your loss. It is very hard to beat, right? "I asked, as approached her and sat next to her, as she hugged me tightly. " Yeah, baby. It is Preteen Galleries very difficult but not impossible. "She kissed me the front. If you're wondering, the seats in the cafe as a whole sofa with a table in the center. is: " I do not think it will to be difficult. " I said,I cried like a little in his arms. "Do not worry, honey. It will be fine. They are strong, and this force to make a decision. " She said as she wept in my hair and kissed the head of my s smooth. " Thanks. " He said I faded to sleep in her arms. [Jeff ] "I can not believe that sleeping on the thumb sucking. Your brother is so damn sweet!" Miro said Mark. " Yes he Preteen Galleries is the baby of the family. " He said proudly. "I love you, right?" I asked. N "Hey, Dad, and Jenni is my world," said Mark, when he saw his brother Jenni sleeping in his arms. " is a great medium. " Jenni whispered in my hands go the hair of the sleeping beauty. ", at best, but I think he found the image of his mother in you. " Said Tom to play my ​​baby on the cheek. I felt a surge of anger flowing through me at his touch. " Yep. He looked at you as if you use it and felt the pain. " Jane said, wiping a tear from their eyes. " He's going to love much. " Doug said, smiling at the image and Jennimy baby. She looks like she loves him already. " I hope he does. He brings the mother instinct in me, and he is so cuuute !" He said as he kissed his head and smiled. "I just hope he does well at school tomorrow. He is timid. " Mark declared affected. " Yes seems shy, but will meet with friends. You'll see. " I said, as I looked. It was more to find friends. The men will be s all about him, and girls. "Guys, I think it's time to take home with them. 's Almost nine, and Dad said that Ty here, must also be at home at this time. " Said Mark, rising. " Ok. I'll bring in the car. " Tom, Tyler said, raising his arms as n clung to him. Mark moved to Tyler in the car, and we were talking about Ty. that talked about how sad the situation was, as we wanted to help, and it is also that we introduce you to their friends. First, Cale, Dina and Jeremy. Dina sister, Jenni, and Cale and Jermz are great people, so we decided to introduce him in school on Monday. We talked more, told jokes and laughed for a while until I n Jenni told it was worrying and searching. "Jenni, is there something wrong? " I asked, watching her. " Do you Preteen Galleries think Ty and Mark came home, ok ? " He asked nervously. " You really feel like his mother, right? " Tom asked with a smile. " It's just that the roads are sliperry, and he is still a baby. " She said, nervous. " is 14 years old. There are two more years. " I said, rolling his eyes. " I know, but it looks so fragile and broken. " She said looking at his hands concern. " Calm down. 'll Be fine. I have a message from Mark said it Ty was in bed. " Jane said. Jenni sighed with relief. She really has a relationship with the child, that s thought. " Well, we have to go. It's a little too late. " Doug said, getting up and is struck by Jane's hand, then Jenni. " Bye, guys. " I said as they walked away. Tom and I looked at each other for a while. We have always been grea friends, not like me and Mark, but very close. " Why were you watching Tyler all the time I was here? " I asked coldly. " I think I like. I 've said I'm a bit bi, and well, he's so cute and is perfect. " I said, smiling. "You can not go out with him and He is the brother of your friend," I said to s a bit annoying, and not go unnoticed. The Scot looked at me curiously smile, and opened his eyes. " You - you like it too," he asked, surprised. I looked at my hands. " No, just the kind of code. " I said, trying to defend myself. "You! You like, you're gay or bi. " He said, surprised. " Well, maybe it's just that he is irresistible. " I said, dreamily. " Yes, but he will belong to me. " Said Tom, looking at me. " Do you think you're going to start? " I asked angrily. "Look Jeff, we've always been friends. Just got back from, man. " He said, in a way annoying. "I'm fucked again. I go to him first. " I said bravely. " Yes, of course. 're Going to go now. " He said, standing upand stared me from the other side of the semicircular table. " Do you really think that I go again ?" I said, standing up for me. " is better," said Tom clenched his fists. ". I will not go down as.. " I said : clenched his fists. " Well, I'm in love with me first. " He said, looking to my ​​eyes. " We shall see. " I said I, closing the door of the cafeteria. I think Tyler went home. He is so cute and naive. You can So twinkish, says Tom. He is so cute, and his voice, his clean angelic voice is so perfect. I need your love. He is my baby, I s thoughts, as I parked my car. I went to my house, jumped into my room and closed the door. I dressed quickly and jumped on my bed. I took the baby oil and grease grabbed my nine inch cock. I started to shake up and down, after meeting with each thrust her hips forward and shakes moan imagine Tyler 's mouth around my cock. I used my h otherand y exploring my fleshy ass with a finger. I groaned when I thought of Tyler eng cute ass around my penis, and I cried when I attacked the greater burden on an n long. I gone to sleep thinking about Tyler's voice singing to me. [ Jenni ] Tyler is the sweetest thing ever, a kind of naive, but is so cute and done a lot of love and attention. Immediately after his brief speech, and their song s, something clicked in me Preteen Galleries a pure love for him. He hugged me and I stroked her hair gently. He was sleeping peacefully in the arms. I remember this feeling of knowing that the feeling that you are safe in the arms of the arms of his the mother, who almost never reject you, and the pure feeling of love running through its body. went home and sat Doug. As usual, my father was n gone. He has always worked, and since the mother died, he remains in the company more. He tried to distract himself with work, when you need it is our love mine and Dina. Dina went to the room, and she was talking to the J eremy on the phone. They spend hours talking about every day. " Dina, I can talk to you a moment? " I asked as he looked at me. "Ok. Jermz Let me say goodbye. " She said, smiling. You did " hang up. No, you. No, you. " Until finally things. "What 's going on? " He asked anxiously. " Nothing. A new baby should be in school on Monday. 's Markus brother n, a kind of naive, but the sweetest thing ever, and, well, I love if had become friends with him. He is a treasure. " I said, looking to it. " Ok. If you like, I like it. " She said, smiling. " You love him, but he has been through a lot. His mother died a copy of a few day. " I said as she frowned. "I miss Mom. " He said as a tear escaped her eyes. " Me too, but love keeps you strong, and that is exactly what you need. This Let's be kind to him, we're not," she said, she dominated, I No little sister return. " Yes I hope we can be friends. " She said with enthusiasm. "to be, and he singsgood, better than Jane. could member of the choir. "I said, knowing it could cause this. " Really? "Asked hopefully. " Sure, "I said smiling, as I moved through my hair the shoulder. N " yayyy ! At last! ! Cale and Jermz to aspire to sing. Only two more boys in the choir, and both are seniors ! This is great fun with it da. "She said happily. ' Tots," I said kissing her forehead. ' Tots ! I can see him and Anne. She is in the choir, too! "It s he said. I knew by the look in her eyes that she already has a plan intrigued by the the life of your new friend. I laughed as I kissed her good night and left my room ideas about Mark, Ty, Dina, and my mother. [Tyler ] I woke up at 00 clock room, and I was fully dressed in my new room. I in the toilet had a bath and brushed my teeth. I pulled my pj and a loose shirt and walked barefoot in the garden. I went to the stacks of land between the two streams, where thepink, and the ashes of my mother, set. " Hi, Mom. " I said and sat down opposite him. "I know I can not speak again, but I know that play, and I need you. I really. You were my rock, and now I need you so bad. I know you are here for me, even if it hurts. sorry that I need you, I miss , which can stop you. you always said I was so ready for my age. "I said my voice cracked a bit. ", but a child needs his mother forever, regardless of age. There can be five or fifty, but always have my mom, and even more when I have a feeling of alone. I know you " are not here for me to wait, but I can feel in my heart. I miss you mom. hurts, do not have here. wanted to say that n Today I met with Mark's friends. Jane is sooo happy, Doug looks rough, but is so funny, and Tom is soooo hot! I like him and Jeff. he is super warm and tender, and her smile makes the butterflies fly around my stomach. best person whom I met Jenni today. is as much as you, so happy, so tEnder, so energetic, so full of life. " He said I was crying. " She reminds me of you so much, and how I kissed her forehead when n I was sad, as I had, as his voice calms me, how happy I Sorry to hug. I look at her, looking with love and respect. Thank God for letting her be in my life. " I said as I got up. I went in, took a drink and went back into the garden. It took a bit of water streams and poured it on the mound. "I miss you. Miss you always, and I promise you will not forget you, Mom. " I Preteen Galleries looked down and started singing I Look To You on the site. I sang, and suddenly I heard another voice, a deeper understanding is sung. Then someone wrapped his arms around my stomach and kissed my forehead. vi I saw my father sing with me perfectly. Our voices blended, and I sang with him when he kissed me on the head. singing until the song was over, and called s on the chest of my father as he calmed down, I rubbed her back to tell me all thatis good. " No license to let their guard down a little. This shows their humanity. " He said, as he hugged me. "I know. It is very painful. " Hugged him tightly as my sobs died. "Remember what you loved, how they thought they were and how you looked, with so much pride in knowing that you are his son, with the same eyes I see. " He hugged me stronger. "I love you Dad. " I said, when I calmed down. " I love you too, Squirt, more than ever know. " He said, as he hugged me stronger. " Thanks. " I fired him. " Now go to sleep so you can in the morning happy. " He said, kisses my cheek. " Night, Dad !" I said running into the house. When I closed the door, I heard my father whisper. " We all love to Rose. You were the best that s in my life, and I lost you. I have left the two most beautiful gifts of all, my children. I love you. " n said. I heard him sniff and ran upstairs. left my bed and crawled under the covers. Maybe Canada is not that wrong. MayI can be happy here. I just hope that all do well in school on Monday. I Preteen Galleries would like to prove it, as the schools in the cinema. There is nothing we can do about it, but hope and the Hope is what keeps me hanging. I woke up at 8 00 hours, the smell of honey and cakes, and I found down into the kitchen to sing a song my father's old country, how to find is completed to cook. " I love pancakes !" I sat down and began to drool. " Here," My father gave me a plate of three pancakes with smiley faces on the same. " Dad I 'm not careful, but thank you very much. " I smiled. " Only silence and eat. " Laughed a lot. " And Mark is going to eat ? " I asked. " This child wakes up at least 11. It seems that winter, and believe me, boy, nothing can awaken the lazy ass. " My father said, shaking his head. " Hahaha. Well, I'll eat your cake then. " I said impatiently. " No chance in hell," said Mark, as he went in just his pajama soils , if it shows yourx pack and chest width. He 's hot. Since brothers, I am not myself a sexual attraction towards him, but hell, that 's cool. " WOW! Why so soon?" Father asked, surprised. "I thought Ty was the first day here, so we have breakfast together, but is not used to it. " Said Mark, smiling father. " Believe me, my son, I was not holding my breath. " My father told me, while serving three glasses of milk and poured and Mark something to eat. We contacted all the n and smiled at the others, when we began to chew food, and were all smiles , and talking and laughing over breakfast. It felt good to just over again as the mother. The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story. As you may have noticed, which has a n is a personal Preteen Galleries meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my orin an intelligent story, which says lustful revenge. It the past, so you must look up. It has to be within the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. If you do e- mail, please indicate that history comment. Thanks to Stephen for editing. You are awesome!
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